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Children's yoga

What do we do in Children's Yoga?

Kids yoga combines movement and mindfulness. The famous yoga postures are introduced to children through story telling, songs and games.

Forget adult yoga! Children's yoga is noisy and energetic!

We move, we breath, we sing, we play and mostly important we relax. 

We offer free trials, so come and try it! 


Benefits of Kids Yoga:

  • increase strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and spatial and body awareness 

  • benefits every single area of child development (fine motor and gross motor skills, cognitive, emotional, social, linguistic and perceptual)

  • promotes creativity and imagination

  • increase confidence, self esteem and helps building a positive of oneself

  • release stress, anxiety and increase concentration allowing better academic results

  • promotes emotional awareness and self regulation improving behaviour management 

  • by bringing natural elements into class we promote love and respect for nature 

  • promotes social skills

  • teaches kindness, gratitude, acceptance and self love.

  • promotes an healthy relationship with the body and the mind and educates to an healthy life style

Class location

We run our classes in Primary Schools in SW London and at St John the Divine, Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, SW18 4EH 

Check our timetable for availability and prices. 

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